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Internship Program 2019

TIIDE is a group of IT Companies putting united effort for technology related internship progarms and industry development activities. For 2019, TIIDE companies collectively opens Residential and Remote Internship prgrams for final year computing/IT students from Computer Universities and Technological Universities. TIIDE will not provide In-campus Internship program for 2019.

How it works?

The program generally goes through following steps.

  1. Student shall apply for desired company and position.
  2. Company will contact the students via Email/Phone to sit for online test/interview.
  3. If the student is selected, company will send official email about acceptance for internship.
  4. Student shall inform respective University about the acceptance.
  5. Depending on the company, student may have to sign Non-disclosure agreement.
  6. Start working at the respective office or remotely.
  7. After internship period, company will issue the acknowledgement letter of attendance for the intern.
  8. Company will support required paperwork for student in reporting back to University.
TIIDE Program Manager facilites the communication, collaboration and administrative works during the internship program.

Residential Internship

This is the in-house working program. Student will have to come and work in given office location as full-time employee.

Remote Internship

The remote program provides flexible and less costly option for students, who could not come to office. The program required remote presence as attendance, during the weekly video conference with Manager from the company and visible evidence of work done for assigned work on given time. Students will use online collaboration tools and video conference to meet with Manager from company.


None of the TIIDE Internship companies are obliged to pay compensation for Intern students. Salary and allowance or no-pay is decided by respective company, unless otherwise stated, student will not be compansated for thier work during the internship.

Available Intern Positions for Application

Followings are the available positions and vacancies for Internship in each TIIDE company. Please see the detail job descriptions of each position.

Name Location Position Available Positions
Access Spectrum Residential Data Analyst 2
Residential Web Application Engineer 2
Expa.ai Residential Web Developer Intern 2
Residential Mobile Developer Intern 2
Residential Data Science and Machine Learning Intern 1
Kernellix Remote Cyber Security Analyst - Security Operations
Remote Cyber Security Analyst - Security Assessment
Vision to Motion Remote Application Deployment Engineer
Remote Cloud System Administrator
Remote Network Administrator
Remote Researcher
Zwenexsys Residential Internet Of Things Researcher 3
Residential Data Analyst 3
Residential Web Application Engineer 2
Residential Mobile Application Engineer 3
Remote Website Developer
Technomation Residential Full Stack Developer

Application Form

Students shall apply via online form and provide Email and Mobile number to be informed for Online Test/Interview and selection result. Application deadline is 25th March 2019, selection result will be announced by 30th March 2019. For enquiry, please call at 09 795029755, during office hours.

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